Long Neck Deco


Customer Pictures

Here's my new baby, Sydney with her beautiful new collar on.

Isn't Sydney gorgeous?  The workmanship is flawless.  Thanks again Sherry!  Jeanna Weot

Thanks for the comment about my collar!!!!


Tiny, Jackson and Blue owned by my friend and best customer  Marion.

Future Happy Customer

Red owned by Robin Sallie.



Owned and Loved by Cathie Lambert


Baby Girl and Lil Lady

Spoiled by Shirley Trusky


Christina Reishofer and her hounds from Austria



Bucky, Nella and Arturo.   All wearing their new collars.

Roo loved by Troy and Sara Criser

Thank you so much for the beautiful dog collar. We absolutely love it and we think it looks GREAT on our Great Dane, Roo. I've checked out your web site and love to see the rescue greyhounds. Roo is also a rescue who we adopted almost 4 months ago. She is as sweet as can be. Actually, her best dog-friend is a rescue greyhound who also wears one of your collars! I have attached 3 pictures...feel free to put any of them on your website as well as our compliments for a terrific collar. Thanks again. Sara and Troy Criser (and Roo)

More pictures of Roo